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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Blogger Blog How To Enroll in Alexa-is one way to get a basic audit to determine the development of traffic your blog / website. One of the reasons to participate in the Alexa ranking system is to see to what extent the development and quality traffic blog. if we only have a blog or have a low alexa rank is not a problem. Instead, it will give you an idea of ​​the quality of your blog and encourage you to be more excited again.
The following registration steps blog / website on Alexa

1. Sign in to
2. Then select the tab 'Site Tools'.
3. Click on 'Claim Your Site'.
4. Enter a url blog / your website, then click on 'Claim your site'.

5. Arriving at this stage you will be required to login first list, but for the process easier and faster you can simply login with your Facebook account located on the right login form. That's for those of you who already have a facebook account, just the same if not ya .... hehehe

6. Click sign up (it is up to a free or paid) to go to Verifying the page. There are two ways to upload HTML to the blog's root directory (this is if you have your own hosting), or enter a key meta Alexa found on the second option. Use the second option to be more cepar and easy. Here's how: copy its code verification ID (example = LiuUYhMZ4kh9LHrDg3K_w2hwPwc) and paste in your HTML template. Put in between <head> and </ head>, so quickly put forth at the top (near <head>) after the meta keyword and meta description of your blog. Then save the template.

7. Alexa was back to the page and click on 'Verify my ID'. If successful there will be information indicating that you have managed to claim your blog.

8Lalu immediately get Alexa widget to be installed in your blog. Go to the 'Site Tools' again and select 'Alexa Site Widgets'.

9. There are several types of widgets there, you just choose where you'd like to put on the blog, enter your blog url, and copy the code.

10. Go to the page design >> page elements, click the add gadget, and choose add HTML / Javascript, paste the code into the column, and save. Put on the desired page, then save again.

11. Congratulations you have successfully .....
Once completed, you can monitor the rank / ranking Alexa widget directly from the blog. I hope this tutorial useful.


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