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Assalamuallaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarrakatuh

My name: Subarda

Introduce I am the owner and author of the blog in town HasR4tna.Saya STM graduates majoring in engineering machinery Pekalongan 2001. For now, I work in private enterprise engaged in the contraktor in Jakarta, since 2007 and now serves as the supervisor of M & E. I started dabbling in the world of blogging since June 2012. I hope what I write on this blog HasR4tna be beneficial to us or anyone else. I also accept your comments and suggestions regarding this HasR4atna blog .. If you want to communicate about this blog, please contact me via email
And do not forget me say many many thanks for your visiting my blog.

Waallaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarrakatuh.


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